Enjoy this step by step , easy to follow 60 minutes Hatha yoga class with Dr.Kasi ( Sundara Beam Rao Kasinath ) Founder and Lead Trainer - RYT 200 / 300 / 500 of 1000 Petaled Lotus Yoga Teacher Training demonstrates the various steps in this sequence. Dr.Kasi is an Ayurvedic physician and an ERYT-500, RCYT, RPYT, YACEP with Yoga Alliance US.

Hatha Yoga is originated in the medieval of yoga era, the physicality of postures gives you a profound awareness of the body, preparing you for the higher yogic practises like pranayama ( yogic breathing techniques ) and Dhyana ( yogic concentration / meditation ). In this sequence you not only move your physical body, you move your awareness to movement of physical body, and this practise itself is a meditation. These movements aligns your muscular, skeletal and nervous systems and there is a complete body mind union happening. Remember Asanas ( yoga postures ) are just one eighth of the total picture of yoga and don't be so serious about your poses. Practise this sequence again and again and work on your progress and not on the perfection. 

Are you looking to improve your mental health, energy and vitality of the bodily systems, enjoy this simple , yet powerful basic yogic breathing exercises. To breathe is to live and almost 80 percent of our energy is from our breathing, this video explains the various breathing techniques like four stage breathing, Complete abdominal breathing, full yogic breathing, Ujayee breathing or throat breathing, Bastrika or bellow breathing, Seethali / Seethkari - Yogic cooling breathing, Kaphalabathi - Shining skull breathing, Anulomona Vilomana - Alternate nostril breathing and Bhramari - Bummblee bee breathing. A detailed explanation on instructions , modifications, contraindications and benefits were beautifully explained by Dr.Kasi ( Sundara Beam Rao Kasinath )