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5 Tips before you step into the yoga mat

The other day when I met David for my heath insurance, he saw my business profile and came to know that I am a yoga instructor. David said he went to a yoga class 2 years back and never wanted to go back again. The fact is that when he first wanted to try a yoga class, without any idea he went to a 90 minutes Astanga vinyasa class and since then he never wanted to go to yoga again.

There are many people like David who is interested to do yoga and couldn’t able to find the right class for them. Here are the 5 things one should note before you begin your yoga journey.

1.) Ask yourself why you want to do yoga :-

Everyone has different intentions, you may want to do yoga to calm yourself, release stress, increase flexibility , decrease weight, build strength or you may be wanting to do a pose you saw that in an Instagram post.

2.) Select the right class for you :-

When you are clear about your intention, explore the various type of yoga classes near you. A gentle yoga class is more relaxing, pranayama ( breathing class) for calming, Vinyasa class to decrease weight, power yoga to build strength and thematic classes like arm balance will help you to achieve your dream crow or crane pose. You can check the schedule of the studios online, all studios have description of the classes they offer. Still not clear? give a call to the studio.

3.) Be consistent :-

Select the timings from the schedule and be consistent with your practise, plan your other activities well in advance so that you don’t have an excuse to miss the practise.

4.) Speak with your instructor :-

Before you start, have a word with your instructor about your intention, any health issues, any past injuries or any other doubts you may have. After you start, if there is any concerns or difficulties you may experience, talk to the instructor.

5.) Never give up :-

Anything to start new is difficult, remember when you start to walk , you didn’t run the next day. You may be facing some soreness in the muscles, pain or discomfort initially, but that is going to be for few days only. There is a vast benefit of yoga you are going to experience with the regular practise.

Namaste !!!

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Dr.Kasi is an Ayurvedic Physician and an ERYT 500, RCYT, RPYT, YACEP® registered with Yoga Alliance and REPs UAE, currently he runs a school which teaches RYT 200 yoga teacher training in Dubai, UAE.