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A High Academic Standard

The transformative learning experiences at 1000 Petaled Lotus Yoga Training and Retreats are designed to help our students grow both in and out of the classroom. Each day is filled with opportunities to experience new educational, social, and emotional situations. Our teachers create a safe and open setting where they can help guide students in exploring the information and the world around them.

We follow a high academic standard as a guide for the creativity and leadership of our teachers. Our objectives are not set in stone, with occasional revisions developed in response to the latest research on educational innovations and theories.

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Yoga Class - Downward Facing Dog
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A Community of Passionate Educators and Learners

Our Yoga teacher training programs are registered with the Yoga Alliance USA and certified to offer RYT 200 hours of Hatha Yoga in Dubai


Kids Yoga - Dubai

Dubai - Registered Children Yoga Teacher - RCYT - Yoga Alliance US

95 hours of Children Yoga Teacher training in Dubai , our kids yoga program is designed in a fun way , accredited by Yoga Alliance US

Baby Yoga

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Swing Yoga

60 Hours of Swing yoga certification course

Swing yoga is a stretching, strengthening and flexibility-boosting class, where you use silk hammocks. Class starts off with some mat-based warm up moves, before hopping into the hammock. Some of the poses involve using the it as a prop – for example, stretching out your hamstrings by having one heel in the silk and the other planted on the floor.

Aerial kasi swing yoga

RYT 200

A Vibrant Learning Environment

At 1000 Petaled Lotus Yoga Training and Retreats, you’ll find the creative and comfortable learning atmosphere you have been hoping for. Our Yoga School has been shaping minds and refining skills since 2015. We are privileged to teach students from all parts of the universe, offering them a unique curriculum with plenty of educational and engaging activities.

This 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training covers all the basic techniques and skills to get you started on this beautiful path of sharing your practical & intellectual knowledge of yoga.

SYLLABUS: Hatha Yoga Teacher Training – 200 hours

1. Asana Practice and Asana philosophy

2. Pranayama (breathing techniques)

3. Mudra and Bandha (Yogic locks)

4. Meditation

5. Cleansing process (Kriya)

6. Teaching practice

7. Ayurveda, nutrition and the yogic diet.

8. Anatomy (physical, mental and spiritual benefits of yoga.)

9. Physiology of yogic practice

10. Teaching Methodology of different styles of yoga - Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative, Power yoga etc.

11. Hatha yoga pradipika

12. Mantra recitation

13. Introduction of Seven chakras and five elements.

14. Yoga life style

15. Teaching practicum

16.Ethics for Yoga Teachers